Student Spotlight: Cliffton “DJ Aphillyated” Scott

By: Thomas Jordan


Clifton Scott, better known as “DJ Aphillyated”, is a disc jockey at DSU. As a graduating senior and a criminal justice major, Aphillyated is ready to make his mark on this world.

Growing up in uptown, Philadelphia, Aphillyated has an inspiring story. He has a passion and love for music, even though he was unable to afford any DJ equipment growing up.

It was not until he attended DSU that he started taking this hobby seriously. He started his career through as an online virtual DJ, learning the different aspects and techniques. 

After dropping housing off his tuition bill, he used his refund check to finally buy DJ equipment. His first break came while playing in a friend’s room when a Zeta Phi Beta sorority member noticed his talent and asked him to DJ for a plot party.

Since then, Aphillyated started making a name for himself, and was able to work under well-known DSU DJ “Gifted Hands.”

Besides being a DJ, Aphillyated is also familiar with preparing sound and lighting equipment for various events and programs. Aphillyated confessed that some of his past difficulties were taking criticism and failure.

However, those tribulations have helped shape him into the successful DJ that he is today. He understands there is always room for improvement.

With only two years of DJ experience, he is already ahead of the game with his success.  He recently became the official DJ for “Collegelife.” Some DJ’s he looks up to include DJ Bran, DJ Gifted Hands, DJ Drama, and DJ Damage. 

Stay tuned for much more from DJ Aphillyated this semester.

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