SGA Recording Secretary Tells How To Personalize Business Casual Attire


Shashanna Simeon, SGA Recording Secretary

 By Taneeya Alexander

The freighting image of an oversized gray or black pants suit comes to many young women’s minds when they hear the phrase “business attire required.”

There is this misconception that business attire cannot be stylish.Young women should know the importance of dressing for success, while remaining true to one’s own personal style.

Shashanna Simeon, SGA Recording Secretary has admirably succeeded in mastering this fashion technique.Being the first lady of SGA, Simeon has become accustom to being in the spotlight, and has become a fashion icon amongst her peers at DSU.

The way she has taken on her role is the same way she has embodied her personal style, with class and grace.“I want to show females on campus that looking successful doesn’t mean you have to compromise who you are and how you incorporate your style,” said Simeon.

“No matter what dress code you abide by, there is always room to express who you are and what makes you stand out or different from the rest,” she added.

Simeon describes her style as being girly. “I try to keep my outfits as feminine as possible,” she explained.Women in the work force work so hard to be seen as an equal to men, that they forget that they are still a woman.

We still can show off our curves without being inappropriate.A typical outfit that Simeon might wear to an interview would be a solid colored blazer, with a solid color skirt to match.“I’m a big fan on jewelry from earrings, to bracelets, to watches; I love to wear it all!, Simeon expressed.

Shoes are essential to business attire.Closed toe shoes are more appropriate.A typical color choice for shoes is black because it’s convenient.

Also, black can go with any outfit.“I always make sure I have a cute pair of black heels that can go with just about everything,” said Simeon.

Simeon’s attitude towards her day-to-day appearance is inspirational to our generation.Her advice to young women who want to dress for success is simple, “Just be you.”

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