Music Department Presents Campus Record Label “Class Records”

By: Scheniqua Earle

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Imagine learning to write, record, and produce your own music without leaving campus.The Music Department is allowing students to express their creativity through a unique program.

Music professor, Dr. Tolley advises “Class Records”, a record label managed by the students. Gaining experience in a real recording studio is a plus for the students while learning how to market and promote their work.

The Class Records staff is expected to present a mixtape and a talent show during the school year. Last year, the members took on a decreased role within the label.

However, Class Records is back in full effect. “This semester looks like a good one…there are some hungry kids. They are willing to work,” Dr. Tolley said.

“…Everything is done by the students. They elect their board members…I just oversee it,” said Tolley. Non-music majors can also join the student run label as long as they are enrolled in Delaware State University.

Class Records is a place for music lovers to demonstrate their skills and turn their passion into a  future career. Dr. Tolley says, “Organize your art and maintain you passion. Try to be inventive. Try to be like Steve Jobs. Think outside the box.”

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