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M.O.C.A Enlightens DSU’s Men at First Program


M.O.C.A. coordinates program for students in residence hall

By: India Lee

Men of Color Alliance, also known as  M.O.C.A., is ready for a productive school year. Brandon Benson, a junior who transferred to DSU his sophomore year, is the new president of the organization.

“Our mission statement is to educate, elevate, Delaware State University’s student body through political empowerment, current events and professionalism,” Benson shared.

“I feel like in order to really touch people, you have to get on a personal level to touch them. We want to touch on topics that people are scared to talk about!” Benson continued.

“I plan to take off and take over, and become the best non-Greek org. on campus,” he shared with confidence.

The Men of Color Alliance is one of the most influential male organizations on campus, along with other groups such as the Men’s Council, and the Male Project.

When asked why M.O.C.A attracted his attention, Benson said, “My mentor Johnny was one of the leaders of the organization and encouraged me to come out and see what the organization had to offer. I had an interview and they told me I was in!”

M.O.C.A has a purpose to educate and empower all men, but more specifically African American males because they are “under attack” in today’s society. At an HBCU, it is becoming increasingly more important to encourage black males to get involved and to prepare them for the professional world.

M.O.C.A is doing just that, making its number one goal to get African American men to start thinking and acting professionally.

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