“Citi Frresh” Gears Up to Release Sophomore Mixtape


Citi Frresh performs for Delaware State University.

By: Jamie Gage

Although DSU’s Got Talent may be long over, last year’s winner Brittany Dickinson, better known by her stage name “Citi Frresh”, hasn’t been using her free time for just leisure.

After a promising year performing and recording music, the 21-year-old New Jersey native is gearing up for the launch of her sophomore mixtape entitled Propaganda Theory set for release in mid-September.

Since the debut of her first mixtape, Citi Frresh has found new focus and direction as an artist. “I have not put out a mixtape in two years and during that two year period, I was searching for myself as an artist. I feel like with everybody’s first mixtape you don’t really know who you are yet”, Frresh expressed.

“You know that you can rap or rhyme but you don’t know what you want to do with that; you don’t really know what you’re capable of. So pretty much I just came into being myself and knowing who I wanted to be as an artist,” she added.

DSU has also contributed to the growth and maturity of this mixtape. After contemplating dropping out of school to solely focus on her music, Citi Frresh soon realized that her college experiences made her a better artist.

“There’s so many different dialects here. There’s different subjects to study and when you experience all of that and get the knowledge from your classes and your peers it really broadens your vocabulary and also broadens your thought process.So I feel like college really helped me out with becoming the artist that I wanted to become,” Frresh explained.

Propaganda Theory shows just how much Citi Frresh has grown over the years.With its mixture of street anthems and poetic flows, the upbeat mixtape has a little something for every type of listener.

The mixtape’s first single “Roof Gone” is a certified party anthem guaranteed to have listeners bouncing in their seats. Other tracks such as “Call Me Crazy” and “Wicked Truth” feature sultry vocals from Frresh’s brother Branden Jerrel.

“Love Me Good”, also featuring Jerrel, is a more of a radio record. With its catchy chorus and smooth beat, it is sure to be a fan favorite.

Citi Frresh explained the direction and sound of her new mixtape saying, “I’m just testing out this hypothesis to see if people will enjoy the street anthems and then get a chance to enjoy the poetry as well, just opening their mind up to a whole different type of music.”

Look out for Citi Frresh’s Propaganda Theory coming soon.

You can also check out more of her music at  www.soundcloud.com and http://www.reverbnation.com.

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